The early years of a child’s educational experience greatly affect future learning and achievement. This is a crucial time in the establishment of academic foundations combined with an intrinsic delight in learning. Beacon Country Day School offers Individualized Academic Programs and provides the direction and environment for growth of the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical education of the total child.

Computer Technology at Beacon Country Day SchoolTo enhance learning and insure each child develops optimally, a flexible, dynamic process is practiced. A complex, completely enriched and accelerated curriculum creates the structure for learning. Students learn at a faster pace and higher level. Enrichment extends the learning both horizontally and vertically. This combination enables every child to develop optimally, yet work at instructional levels in content areas.

There are many components in our well- rounded program. Our curriculum is designed to provide every child with a variety of instructional techniques that address different learning styles. Children have many different kinds of intelligence, interests, and abilities that are addressed and utilized when structuring for success. The middle school curriculum includes preparation for International Baccalaureate high school programs.