Excellence is demanded of our teachers in order to promote excellence in the children.

We are proud of our exceptional faculty. Our teachers are licensed and experienced, caring, supportive, and dedicated. They foster joyful learning, which is so essential to our learning environment. The faculty is committed to the development of the “whole child” and exhibit an unusually high degree of professionalism and creativity. Many of them have advanced degrees, and many varied areas of expertise.

Excellence is demanded of our teachers in order to promote excellence in the children. Because each teacher creates the emotional climate in the classroom and strives to provide motivation for learning, children’s needs are met with success. Carefully crafted lessons and experiences provide the best possible education for each child. The children, faculty, and parents work together as a team to provide a most unique learning experience and to ensure the development of the total child.

Our faculty is comprised of Master Teachers with post graduate training:  many with Master’s Degrees and some with doctorates.  On-going Professional Learning Community activities are provided to ensure teachers keep abreast of best educational practices.

Our amazing faculty are accomplished and sophisticated.  They are recognized leaders in gifted education, published writers, and have been national speakers for The National Association for Gifted Children and the Bi-Annual World Conference for Gifted and Talented children.


Dr. Cynthia Wallace has been our long standing Principal of the Lower School. Dr. Wallace began her educational journey as a speech pathologist, earning a B.A. and an M.A. She has an extensive knowledge of language and learning and ensures both are utilized to facilitate all academic areas. In addition to a Ph.D. in education with an emphasis in School Administration, she also completed course sequences in early childhood education, gifted education, and psychology. Finally, she decided to get her J.D. from University of Denver. Combining her own educational accomplishments with educating many children, she genuinely understands the needs of bright and gifted students, and is committed to optimizing each child’s success. Dr. Wallace believes in the program that is implemented in our school and has documented its success. Contact Dr. Wallace

Enhancing the administration is our Middle School Principal, Dr. Tracy Rogers who has been at Beacon for many years. Dr. Tracy, as the children call her, also has an incredible background when it comes to education. She earned a Masters Degree in School Administration and a Doctorate in Curriculum Development. After working at Beacon as a fourth grade teacher, she determined her assets would be best utilized as a mentor and developer of the curriculum. She truly enjoys her work and knows what a difference a good solid education can make. Contact Dr. Tracy

Both Dr. Wallace and Dr. Rogers are invited to speak for numerous Gifted Education Conferences. Both have had works published in educational journals, and are recognized as leaders and advocates of an all-encompassing educational program. Together their vision for the school, impacts our community and other learning communities as well.

We are proud to be a Blue Ribbon School

The United States Department of Education identified Beacon Country Day School as a Blue Ribbon School which serves as an exemplary model program for educators and schools across the country.  More than 65% of our teachers have been on our faculty for ten years or more.  They value the exceptional curriculum and highly professional environment in which they can really make a difference in the lives and learning of students.  Teachers enhance and enrich the curriculum, develop innovative programs, and bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the community.  Our teachers are committed to our children:  they value each child as an individual, meet individual needs, differentiate, and create best learning opportunities.  They really go the distance and will do all that they can to help every child develop optimally as a “whole child.”  Our students return to and touch base with these valued teachers.