Junior Kindergarten

Junior Kindergarten is joyful and fun filled!

Junior Kindergarten is a wonderful time for children to explore with natural curiosity. Children begin their academic path, learn how to learn, and how to work with one another in a cooperative manner. Our children blossom during this year: most begin to read. This pre-kindergarten program is high level and accelerated, but very low pressure with individualized academic programs.

Our children are introduced to a wide variety of quality literature, which serves to expand their knowledge of literacy and the world in which they live. They are taught a comprehensive phonics program and a variety of strategies and skills that will lead them to become independent, confident readers. They enjoy listening, speaking, poetry, and communication skills while working on comprehension, vocabulary development, sequencing, following directions, syntax, and memory skills. Children love practicing these skills in drama. Music, French, Science, Social Studies and Drama keep children intrigued!

A hands on, experiential math program initiates the development of math concepts and is supported by a second math program. Experiments teach the children the concepts of size, one-to-one correspondence, math vocabulary, counting, sequencing, number recognition, patterns, and initial addition and subtraction.

• Read simple words and sentences
• Decode word units at a first grade level
• Write letters and numbers
• Add and subtract to 10, write number sentences
• Perform in annual school play
• Develop social and interpersonal skills