In Kindergarten, emergent reading skills continue to flourish with the use of three complimentary systems in order to meet the needs of your child. We work on sound blending, decoding skills, word families, phrase development and sight vocabulary. Reading skills are reinforced with delightful stories, activities, games, and music.

Kindergarten at Beacon Country Day SchoolDuring Language Arts, your child might be practicing and refining manuscript skills, writing a first story, or learning poetry to enhance listening, speaking, and communication. Children receive their first spelling list during this year. They love presenting the annual play for parents.

The combined Math programs focus on building relationships between and among numbers. Our children study geometry, ordinal numbers, size and capacity, time, addition and subtraction skills capacity and size as well as many other mathematical concepts. They learn how to solve problems, create graphs, write numerals, and solve real life math problems.

The children learn about our community, other cultures and customs in Social Studies . We also have the opportunity to study the early beginnings of our K Bown country, and we do many special projects that support learning. Science brings many experiments and opportunities that excite children about our world and creatures and plants who share it with us. This is one of the areas where we learn about the scientific approach when dealing with problems, and experience real life science in our natural ecology.

• Decode words at a second grade level
• Establish at least 200 sight words
• Write sentences and first research report
• Learn spelling words and take spelling tests
• Add and subtract to 20 and start timed tests
• Lead in annual kindergarten production
• Learn inquiry method in science and prepare for science fair