Rigorous Middle School Academics

A rigorous liberal arts curriculum, which fosters personal growth, individualized academic programs, responsibility, and independent thinking, is provided. Students learn to study, develop time management skills, perfect research skills, and discover and experience their own abilities and interests. Opportunities for a variety of learning, community service, educational excellence, a joy of learning, and pride of achievement help prepare students for high school. Students collaborate in goal setting for personal and academic growth with individualized academic programs.

Language arts include expository writing, English grammar, critical reading, literature and analysis, spelling and vocabulary. Students read a variety of genres, and study both classic and current works. The writing process, which includes planning, outlining, drafting, editing, and sharing is facilitated throughout the curriculum. Accelerated math offers pre-algebra 1 and 2, and high school algebra and geometry. Students study earth science, life science and physics. Social studies include ancient western civilization, United States history, and modern European and western civilization.

_DSC3092Drama, physical education, art, French, and higher level thinking skills are included.

The middle school takes a weeklong trip each year to study history, science or social studies . Trips include: Washington D.C., Boston, Space Camp, Philadelphia, and the Keystone Science Camp. These great experiences are combined with education, team building, and fun.

• Read and analyze high school level literature including shakespeare
• Write and publish poetry, short stories and essays
• Diagram high level writing skills in persuasive essays and literary analysis of novels
• Complete first year high school algebra
• Refine and master all math facts for accuracy
• Have strong 1st year high school french skills
• Knowledge of life, physical and earth science
• Knowledge of ancient western civilization, modern and american history