We love our families here at Beacon Country Day School!  Here’s what some of our families have been saying about us…

Reviews Glossy Green Round ButtonMy son recently graduated from college with a Bio/Chem Engineering degree.  During the dinner after the graduation ceremony, he thanked his mother and I, once again, for sending him to Beacon.  He had made the same statement after graduating from high school.  I asked, ” Why after all these years did he repeat his “thanks” for Beacon?”  He simply related that not only had the academics given him a “step up” on his peers in high school, but it also surprised him to what extent Beacon had prepared him emotionally for high school and college.  Read More on

If you are considering a private school you have to consider Beacon Country Day School. From an academic standpoint you will not find a better program. This school is amazing from preschool to 8th grade. My granddaughter is extremely smart and she start attending last year when she was 3 years old. She is learning to read already and loves her school.  Read More Reviews on our Google + Page

As a former student, I can say that Beacon Country Day School has prepared me so well for my high school education. Some might feel a bit itchy about the idea of such a small school, but trust me when I say that socializing in a large school is so easy, even changing from such a small social group. I look around in many of my honors classes, and I can tell that I am much more prepared for this than others.  Read More Reviews on our Google + Page

Attending Beacon Country Day School for 10 years was a great experience. Accademically speaking I was fully prepared for high school. I do not think there exists a better family environment than what you will find at Beacon. Every student is known by every teacher and every child receives the attention, care, and patience necessary for them to learn and succeed. Kids learning at slower levels are taken care of by professors staying late and putting in extra hours to bring them up to speed. However, kids who learn at more rapid paces are not hindered by the teachers accommodations because they too are being pushed to take higher level courses that will challenge them.  Read more on Great Schools

Beacon Country Day School was the very best decision we made for our child. I am so grateful I found the school when my child was only 3 and after my tour and spending a day in the classroom my decision was made. My child loved it. She has flourished in 2 years. She is reading entire books and she is only 5 years old. She is excelling in math, science, computers, art, foreign language and most all reading. Her love for knowledge is apparent and she loves learning new things. She does complain the school is hard and had been challenging but in a good way. If you are looking for Art, Science, Music, Drama, Reading, Math and PE but you want a huge emphasis on individualized academics that are tough and demanding (in a good way) this would be a school I would consider. It is not a sit in your chair and listen type of school. Beacon Country Day School is a loving, nurturing, anti bullying, co-ed, small class sizes and personalized education for each child. No uniforms and free before and after school care.
- Posted by Parent, 08/18/15  Read this review on Private Schools Review