Student Council and Community Service

Every child, first through eighth grade, participates in Student Council each year for a period of two months. Each of the four Councils researches and selects a school, community, or global project and must complete it within the two month period. Each Council is designed to facilitate leadership, communication, research, character, responsibility, altruism, compassion, global awareness, financial literacy, and learning both, how to get things done and how to make a difference. The list of contributions is extensive, and we are extraordinarily proud of our Student Council’s achievements. Our approach to Student Council was presented at a National Association for Gifted Children Conference, and now serves as an innovative model across the nation.

Some examples of our achievements in student council include:

  • A book drive for the library of the U.S.S. Mesa Verde
  • Purchased animals for the Heifer Project
  • Supported children in Africa so they could go to school
  • Jump Rope for Heart